28 March 2015

Jeremiah Dixon (1733-1779): Artist, Scientist, and Adventurer

Public Lecture at Auckland Castle, County Durham
Wednesday 1 April 2015    

'Jeremiah Dixon (1733-1779): Artist, Scientist, and Adventurer'


Jonathan Peacock will explore the life and legacy of the hugely important local figure, Jeremiah Dixon. Born in Bishop Auckland to George Dixon, a well-to-do Quaker coalmine owner, Dixon has been largely forgotten in England and, more importantly, in the North East. But not only did he survey the present layout of the Park at Auckland Castle under Bishop Trevor and presented to Bishop Egerton in 1772, he lent his name to the Mason-Dixon line, one of Americas most famous boundaries and perhaps the best-known line on the planet after the Equator. It came to signify the border between the North and South, separating the free state of Pennsylvania from slave-owning Maryland. The term Dixie-Land is still recognised today as a reference to the southern states of America. Dixon died in 1779, still a young man at only 46 but one who in a dangerous age had travelled the world in pursuit of scientific excellence.
The lecture will start at 6.30pm in the Long Dining Room and will be followed by a drinks reception in our Throne Room.
Tickets for the lecture cost £6 and must be paid for in advance at Visitor Reception, or by calling 01388 743750.
If you have an Annual Pass (costing £15) lectures are free but please book your place in advance as spaces are limited. If you would like to purchase an Annual Pass, please call 01388 743750.
If you have any questions, please email enquiries@aucklandcastle.org or call 01388 743750.
For more information on Auckland Castles Public Lecture Series, see http://aucklandcastle.org/events/public

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