10 May 2013

Recently restored historical document presented in memory of PLHS member

A recently restored historical document was presented to a regional charity by the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) during his annual trip to the North East.

The Thomas Telford Atlas, held in the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers’ library, was discovered by the Seniors Group of the ICE as being in need of repair. Wishing to preserve this important work, ICE commissioned the rebinding of the book which was then presented back to the Mining Institute by ICE President, Professor Barry Clarke, during his visit to the region.

Thomas Telford was the first President of the Institution of Civil Engineers (1820-1834), and the atlas provides an 83-page, copper-plated illustrative account of the engineering giant’s work. Professor Clarke marked his visit by presenting the book to President of the Mining Institute, Dr Frederick Wardle Smith at its regional headquarters at Neville Hall in Newcastle.

Professor Clarke said: “It is a great honour to have been able to present such a significant document of engineering history to the Mining Institute. Thomas Telford dominated British engineering and as the first President of our Institution, was a pioneer.

What is more, the Mining Institute plays an important role in the preservation of historical engineering achievements, representing the heart of engineering within the North East.”

The restorative re-binding of the atlas was also dedicated to the memory of John W. Hall, one of the founder members of the Seniors Group of ICE North East.

The restoration was the idea of Ponteland Resident, John Gillespie, ex CEO of Port of Tyne and also an owner of a further edition of the Atlas. 


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