23 November 2011

Children's Cottage Homes

New Web site launched.

The website aims to build up the first dedicated encyclopaedia of life in children's cottage homes. Over the years, thousands of children spent time in the cottage homes and yet we know very little about life in these institutions.

This site is an opportunity to learn about what life was like in the cottage homes. Some basic facts are included but the siteaims to record what life was like for people living in the cottage homes. If you would like to share memories, family stories, photographs and other information about the cottage homes, please see the page on 'Getting involved'.

The details given for Ponteland are as follows:
Ponteland Cottage Homes
Ponteland is a village to the north-west of Newcastle - not far from where Newcastle airport is now. Cottage Homes were established there in 1903, initally taking in children from the workshouse which was on Westgate Road to the west of Newcastle.

The cottage hmes were made up of around 14 large semi-detached cottages which together could house around 300 children at a time. There was also a school, infirmary and workshops on site. The latter would have been used for general upkeep and maintenance in the homes and also for training the boys in specific skills.

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