26 April 2010

H W Tustin

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Herbert William Tustin was aged 28 or 29 years old when he took up the post of Headmaster atthe Coates Endowed School, Ponteland, Northumberland. He was initially supported by two to four pupil teachers (ie untrained schoolleavers 12-20 years old), and later by one or two young teachers (over 18 years old).

Recently the Society received the following photograph from the Bates family archive and it is believed to be HW Tustin with his staff. The reverse of the photo carries an interesting message.


RiCorr said...

H W Tustin was my great grandfather. I would love to find out more about him, if possible. I would also love to know anything about his wife, Eleanor Tustin (nee Webster).

RiCorr said...
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Ponteland Historian said...

The History Society has lost more about Tustin. Please contact us by email Pont.historian@ btinternet.com